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Primer: Not just for your living room wall.  

One of the major complaints I have heard from clients is with respect to the longevity of makeup. Why bother if it doesn’t last past lunch? Eye shadow can be a quick little way to brighten your look. But it’s not something you usually take with you for touch ups. Eyelids tend to produce oil just as the rest of your skin, causing eye shadow to fade and crease.  The only evidence left of your beautifying attempt are little broken lines in the creases of your lids. Not exactly what the model looked like on the in-store advertisement. Eye shadow primer is great to avoid this tragedy.

 Just as you can apply your eye shadow with your eye shadow brush or fingertip, eye shadow primer is applied by sweeping across your lid the same way.  No drying time necessary. Sweep your regular eye shadow over the primer and you’re done. If you have dry eyelids, this stuff works great as well.

Sure, you have to now buy another cosmetic but look at it this way; you get longer wear of your eye shadow instead of using more to keep it on or not using it at all. And use very little as it spreads nicely.

Recommended eye shadow primer: Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Photo Credit: nesuria  

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